STELCO LIMITED is a clean steel plant designed to operate in harmony with nature. 

Corporate citizenship means taking all necessary steps to maintain a safe, healthy and fair workplace for all our employees and contractors, protecting the environment, respecting and engaging with local communities, and maintaining high ethical standards wherever we operate.

Stelco Limited is committed to playing an active and constructive role in addressing climate change – both by reducing its own carbon footprint and by creating high-performance steels that will make it possible to produce lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles and energy-efficient buildings.

Having already halved the amount of energy required to do over operation over the last 15 years, Stelco Limited has set itself a target of reducing CO2 emissions by a further 20% within the next decade.

Our other current environmental initiatives include ‘The Big Cleaning Day’, ‘The Local Forest Rehabilitation’, ‘The Steel Products For Environmental Preservation’ and ‘Save Our Earth’ projects. Initiatives include reducing plastic bag usage, giving global warming guidelines to employees, fish freeing and canal cleaning project, coral planting, building dams and saline soil to improve food resources for wildlife animals.