Mission and Vision

The Mission statement set by the visionaries of Stelco Limited was to earn due respect in the steel industry by serving with complete integrity and loyalty towards their clientele.

The company is consistently striving to attain its set goals. It aims at reducing energy cost, expanding its reach in different states and countries and reaching a larger market to grow its client list. The company has been mounting success levels in the highly competitive global market and supply chain with the unchanged vision of providing good quality and standardised products at competitive prices. It has, in return attained complete customer satisfaction. The company aims at establishing itself in the steel industry as the supplier of choice for its clients, and to achieve the pinnacle of success in the industry.


Policies are an integral part of a company. They are unique and important in forming the basic structure of an organisation. Since the authenticity and integrity of a organisation can be judged by the set of policies it follows, Stelco Limited through the ages has build its own definite set of policies, which makes it stand out from the other steel manufacturing companies in the region. The company has explored certain such important areas through its policies, which could not be conceptualised by other steel makers.

Few of the major areas, which the company has made mandatory through policies, are Quality Management, Health, Safety and Environment Management and Corporate Social Responsibility.