Process Chart

The basic raw material is medium carbon & high carbon hot rolled coils.  The coils are slitted on slitting machine for obtaining required width of hot rolled strips. After slitting these hot rolled strips are acid pickled through the pickling line for removal of scale. The Pickled Coils are cold rolled on a 4 hi AGC Cold rolling mill to obtain the required thickness. Then annealed in HSD fired bell type annealing furnace for bright annealing. In case of medium and high carbon rolls the process of rolling and intermediate annealing can be repeated to number of times depending upon the final thickness to be obtained. These coils after final rolling are slitted on CR slitting machine for obtaining the final required width, then the cold rolled coils are cut to desired lenghts on CTL or cut to lenght machine (if desired). Finally the strips are packed either for dispatch after oiling or sent for hardening/Tempering. Hardening and Tempering of strips involve heating in electrically heated furnace in an air – tight muffle in incert atmosphere followed by Quenching & Tempering to attain desired hardness. The strips are then edge dressed (if desired). Then the Strips are colored tempered to attain desired color (blue/yellow/bronze/golden) and finally inspected, oiled & packed for dispatch.

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